eBikes | eMTB

eBikes | eMTB

Ride further, and more often with more control. You'll get fitter and have more fun than you ever could have imagined. An eBike is the gateway to a whole new way of life. On the road, commuting, gravel, rail trails or mountain biking.

We only carry top brands like Scott, Avanti, Cannondale and Pivot for good reason. Don't get caught out by buying a cheap electric bike just to find it won't do what you want or that it's not up to NZ riding conditions.

Safety, Control, Reliability, Comfort and Range.

Our bikes have to meet the following conditions or we wont stock them:

1) Mid drive motors only! There is a reason the major brand bike companies and top end eBikes only use the mid drive configuration. You get a bike built specifically to be an ebike, not something that was "adapted" to have a motor. A mid drive motor gives better weight balance offering a more natural bike feel and safer ride. Mid drive motors allow your input and the motor assistance to work together through the gears, taking you places other options will not. It's easier to fix a puncture with your mid drive eBike when you don't have to unbolt your wheel/motor like the hub drive options.

2) Pedal assistance only! A quality mid drive motor doesn't need a throttle, there is more than enough power to get you anywhere you need to go. Our bikes have advanced computer controlled power assistance using a torque sensor in the motor and wheel speed sensor to deliver super smooth consistant assistance that comes in only when you need/want it. Don't get caught with accidental or sticky throttle action, safety first.

3) Hydraulic disc brakes! Smooth, consistent and powerful shopping every time. Safety and control is paramount. You'll be going further and faster than ever on your eBike, exploring places you'd never thought a bike would take you. Make sure you have the brakes to suit NZ's hilly and varied conditions.

4) Major brand components! Our bikes run Bosch and Shimano motors. The most reliable options on the market with leading design, development, range and stunningly smooth powerful assistance.

Invest once in a quality eBike from Pitcrew Bikes and let your new life and the adventures begin.

Auckland wide delivery with stores in Rosedale/Albany North Shore and Pukekohe.