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The ride of choice for many top level riders from around the world winning multiple World and Olympic titles. Scott continue to create and develop some of the best MTBs in the world for anyone who wants to ride. You can be a MTB enthusiast, a casual rider, or a fan of electric mountain bikes, you will find the perfect MTB in the Scott range.
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    Meet the all new

    Scott Spark RC

    The perfect blend of top-notch carbon engineering, never before seen levels of integration and just the right amount of secret sauce
    Meet the all new

    Scott Patron eRide

    The new integration benchmark. From flow to rougher trails, the Patron eRIDE is like a Swiss knife, able to bring you up the trail with efficiency and ride down with confidence
    Meet the all new

    Scott Spark

    When you think of the perfect mountain bike, what comes to mind? For us, it's the all new Spark. Why, you ask? Well, beyond the fact that it is fast, lightweight and ultra capable on all sorts of terrain, it's just damned good lookin'
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