Getting Started With Your new eBike

Congratulations on your new eBike! Whether you’ve purchased an eBike to ride further, to ride faster or to simply enjoy the incredible scenery New Zealand has to offer, your new eBike will open your eyes to a whole new world. Whether you’re on a Scott eBike, an Avanti eBike, a Pivot eMTB, a Sinch eBike or a Cannondale electric bike, our team will have put you on the best eBike to suit your needs.

Before you head out adventuring on your new eBike, do yourself a favour and familiarize yourself with your drive system. Below you’ll find user manuals for the two most common drive systems: Bosch and Shimano.

Bosch General Owner’s Manual
Bosch Active Line / Active Line Plus / Performance Line User Manual 
Bosch Cargo Line / Performance Line Speed / Performance Line CX User Manual 
Full list of Bosch Documentation 

Shimano Steps EP8 User Manual 
Shimano Steps EP7 User Manual 
Shimano Steps EP6 User Manual 
Shimano Steps EP5 User Manual 
Full list of Shimano Documentation 

Once you’ve familiarised with your drive system, there’s a couple more basic things you should do to get the best experience possible out of your bike.

  • The first thing is to make sure your battery is charged. Batteries slowly lose charge over time, so check your battery and charge it up if need be.
  • Pump your tyres. We’ll setup your eBike and pump the tyres before you take it home but just like batteries, tyres will slowly deflate over time. Check the sidewall of your tyre for a recommended pressure range if you’re unsure of what pressure to pump your tyres to. As a starting point, choose a pressure in the middle of the recommended range and adjust accordingly; add more pressure if you feel your rim contacting rocks and roots, remove pressure if you feel like you're lacking grip.
  • Lube your chain. A well-lubed chain will keep your bike running smoothly and help prolong the life of your drivetrain components. Be careful not to apply too much! Watch the video below for a quick lesson on how to lube your chain, and then scroll down for our chain lube recommendations.

We recommend Muc-Off’s range of eBike specific lubes. These lubes are designed to handle the higher torque loads of an eBike. The wet lube is ideal for wet conditions, whilst the dry lube is better for dry conditions as it attracts less dirt and debris. You can purchase the wet lube here, and the dry lube here.

The last thing to do before you head out on your electric bike is to get kitted out with some eBike parts and accessories. From cycling-specific clothing to spares, there’s a few items that’ll make your experience better and give you piece of mind out on your new electric bike. Whilst requirements are different for an e-mountain bike verses a road eBike, all cyclists should own the below accessories.

  • Helmet - This isn’t a recommendation, but a legal requirement. It is illegal to ride a bicycle in New Zealand without one. Brains are incredibly delicate, even low-speed crashes without a helmet can lead to serious injuries. Investing in a good helmet is a necessity. View our range of helmets here.

  • Padded Shorts - A good pair of padded lycra undershorts makes a world of difference in terms of comfort. Unless you’re riding a drop-bar road bike, most people wear these as a base layer under a pair of regular shorts/pants. The lycra padding keeps you more comfortable, and the outer layer protects from abrasion if you have a crash (lycra is a delicate fabric and tears easily). You can view our range of men’s shorts here and our range of women’s shorts here.

  • Spares Kit - There is nothing worse than getting stuck mid-ride with a mechanical you can’t fix. At the bare minimum, we suggest carrying a spare tube, tyre levers, a pump, and a multi-tool with you. If you’re e-mountain biking, we also suggest a spare derailleur hanger and a quick link. Browse our range of multi-tools here, our range of pumps here, and our recommended tyre levers here.

All set? There are plenty of places to explore on your new eBike around Auckland. Whether you’re searching out the best trails Auckland has to offer on your eMTB, or want to take in the stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer, below you’ll find a couple of our suggestions to get you started.

  • Woodhill Mountain Bike Park - Arguably the home of mountain biking in Auckland, Woodhill has a range of trails ranging from green through to black and is open year-round. Located 40 minutes from downtown Auckland, Woodhill is a great place to break in your new eMTB. Find out more here.

  • Tamaki Drive - Featuring a shared path, why not take your new eBike for a spin around the waterfront? Cafes and eateries along the way, plenty of beaches, Tamaki Drive makes for a great place for your first ride.

With all that said, there’s not much more else for you to do now other than to get out and spend some time aboard your bike! We recommend bringing your bike in for a service after 6-weeks, as by this point the bike will have finished ‘bedding in’ and may need a few slight tweaks. If you have any questions, contact us here or call into either of our stores and talk to our experienced team!