Syncros Greenslide Multi Tool 11pc driver bits




Syncros Greenslide Multi Tool 11pc driver bit tool set

Colour - Black and Green

Our ergonomic Greenslide tool features a fold out bit holder to allow for the perfect leverage. With 11 integrated tools including chain tool, a quicklink holder, TORX and HEX bolts it's the complete package. Further customize your set to your perfect bit set using our aftermarket kits.

Hex 3/4/5/6mm
Chain tool
Chain link holder
Tubeless valve core remover

New multi-tool generation with strong handling and high versatility
Spare bits offer the possibility to tune the function according your needs
Rotating shaft makes access easier and the tool more handy by using it 90° or 180° oriented
Compact format, easy to store in jersey pocket, saddle bag or backpack

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