Shimano Shoe Footbed Customfit Round Heel




Shimano Shoe Footbed Customfit Round Heel

Customizable Inner sole

1x pair of Shimano Custom Fit Insoles for Cycling Shoes. These moldable insoles are designed for use with Custom Fit models of Shimano Shoes with the traditional Last. Shimano shoes with the curved last use the R320 Moldable insole. This heat-moldable, custom-fitting insole features an adjustable arch wedge that provides arch support to help optimally stabilize the heel.

  • Heat Moldable insole kit for traditional shoes
  • Fits all Shimano shoes (except curved last)
  • "AROMACAP" Antibacterial treated lining
  • Rigid support structure
  • Deep heal cup
  • Optional modular arch and metatarsal support
  • Trim to fit pattern

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