Haro 78 Plastic Peg Freestyle BMX

Haro 78 Plastic Peg Freestyle BMX - Pitcrew.nz


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Sold as singles - 1 inner peg and 2 replacement sleeves per pack.

The 1978 Plastic Peg is an all-around peg perfectly suited for the first time grinder as well as the veteran rail boss. Whether it's a unwaxed brick ledge or the rusty coping of a backyard ramp, the 78 plastic peg will have you gliding through every grind in sight. We have also included an extra sleeve so just when you thought you'd ground through the last layer of plastic, you have a fresh sleeve to throw on and keep you on that grind for twice as long. At 4.35 inches long, this peg will allow you to lock into crooked grinds without being so long that you're clipping ledges while you pedal through the park. The 1978 Plastic peg will be your new peg of choice from here on out!


  • 6061 Aluminum peg core
  • Replaceable Nylon sleeve (1 extra sleeve included)
  • 110mm length x 40mm outer diameter
  • Compatible with 3/8" and 14mm axles