Spank Oozy 760 Trail bar 31.8mm 15mm rise Handlebars Red


$79.95 $119.00


Spank Oozy 760 Trail Handlebars 31.5mm

Rise - 15mm

Colour - Red

The strength and stiffness of a gravity bar, with Trail tuned geometry and weight. SPANK Industries’ OOZY Trail 760 bar is dialed to enhance your trail experience. Boasting Super 6™ alloy construction and Dual XGT tapers, the OOZY Trail 760 is exceptionally durable without tipping the scales. SPANKs patented CNC bending process ensures that every OOZY Trail 760 bar is precision tuned to the optimum trail geometry, which puts the rider in a balanced position and enhances front wheel traction. The result... a wide, bulletproof, competitive weight trail bar, that offers enhanced climbing and stability.

Technologies : Dual XGT, CNC Bending

Material : MGR Super 6 Alloy

Weight (g): ±290 (5mm) / ±300 (15mm) / ±300 (30mm)

Diameter (g): 31,8

Rise (mm): 5 / 15 / 30

Length (mm): 760 (Adjustable to 730)

Geometry (deg): 4° up x 6 ° back

Finish : Shotpeen anodized, decal logos


Discipline : Trail

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