Effetto Mariposa MTB frame protection kit

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Effetto Mariposa

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Effetto Mariposa Frame Protection Kit for MTB

Shelter Off-Road – Invisible protection is a transparent shock and scratch resistant adhesive tape. It provides a reliable protection to the carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to. “Off-Road” is perfect for heavier duty off-road riding.


  • invisible protection against scratches and impacts
  • lightweight
  • easy to apply, strong adhesion also on curved surfaces
  • doesn’t turn yellow over time
  • ideal for protecting carbon or metal parts
  • visco-elastic behavior reduced vibrations


How it works

Shelter Off-Road has a 0,2 mm scratch-resistant upper layer with a gummy (viscoelastic) 1 mm layer underneath. This unique, composite construction allows Shelter to spread impact energy within its structure, without transmitting it or reducing it very efficiently.

Shelter Off-Road is the thickest Shelter, and it’s perfect for heavier duty off-road riding. Shelter Road (0,6 mm thick) is best for lighter off-road riding or gravel/cyclocross applications. Shelter ZeroDue (0,2 mm thick) is great for protection of road bikes or surfaces mostly subject to wear and friction, like crank arms.


Lightweight protection

With a weight of 0,130 g per square centimeter, Shelter Off-Road generates the following results:

  • Shelter Kit Off-Road: approx. 39 g (total weight of all the elements of the Kit)
  • Shelter Pack Off-Road (two 54 x 500 mm, 1,2 mm thick elements): approx. 70 g.
  • Shelter Roll Off-Road (54 mm x 5 m, 1,2 mm thick): approx. 350 g.


Available sizes/formats

  • Shelter Kit Off-Road: a sheet with pre-cut elements specific for off-road purposes, to easily protect sensitive frame areas (chainstays, down tube, cable/frame contact points, horizontal tube against brake levers contact).
  • Shelter Pack Off-Road: sealed pack with two 54 x 500 mm(*), 1,2 mm thick elements. Ideal to protect one bicycle, adapting the tape to the surfaces to protect.
  • Shelter Roll Off-Road: recommended for enthusiasts, shops or teams. Size: 54 mm x 1 m or  5 m(*), 1,2 mm thick.

(*) tolerance +/- 10% on width and length


Shelter is made in Italy.