Cateye Padrone Smart Bluetooth Black



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Cateye Padrone Smart Bluetooth computer

Recieves data via Bluetooth compatible smart phone (iOS iPhone 4s or higher, Android 4.3) or via optional Bluetooth Spd/Cad Sensor and/or Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor.

Alert: Call *1, Email *1, SMS (Text) *1,2
Lap *1

  • Speed (Current / Average / Maximum)
  • Heart Rate, Cadence (Current / Average / Maximum)
  • Power (Current) Confirmed Power Sensor List
  • Distance (Trip Distance / Total Distance)
  • Clock
  • Time
  • Altitude (Current) *1

*1 Available in Mirror mode
*2 Available on Android

  • View ride data and alerts on the computer
  • Upload ride data to websites
  • Set up the computer
  • Import a summary of ride data in Sensor Direct mode

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