Cannondale Bikes

It was 1971: a year when the world was beginning to change rapidly with an exciting new spirit of digital invention, creativity and imagination along with a worldwide drive for new purpose. A new dawn. And yet, cycling was still very traditional, very conventional, conforming to some sort of rulebook: Cannondale’s founders believed that there had to be a better way.

So, they ditched the rulebook, cut a new path and created a new way. From a Connecticut workshop Cannondale set about revolutionising cycling for the better, for everyone. They assumed nothing, they iterated and reiterated and from day one they have worked on pioneering materials, ergonomics and technology, and haven’t looked back since.

Cannondale heralded aluminium and carbon-fibre manufacturing while everybody else out there stuck with steel, they shook up the suspension establishment with single-sided forks, designing incredible frames and products that reinvented racing, creating award-winning bicycles that helped push people further.

People have called Cannondale crazy, ridiculous, and worse. And yet, right from the outset they knew what they were doing felt right and was a damn sight more exciting – this unique passion fuels our never-ending drive to make iconic bicycles that just work better. Bicycles that make your ride better. Wherever you ride, whatever you ride, ditch the rulebook and let’s ride together.

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