Shockwiz Suspension Tuning Kit Hire

Shockwiz Suspension Tuning Kit Hire

Hire our Shockwiz bike suspension tuning kit for the day, and tune your mountain bike suspension exactly the way you like it.

Hire is priced at $50 for a day hire and $80 for overnight. Contact Mark to organise on 09 239 BIKE, email or visit us at 10 Subway Rd, Pukekohe, Auckland.

  • It’s for all mountain bike riders, regardless of their experience or bike’s intended use.
  •  Tune for every riding style: Efficient (pedaling), Balanced, Playful or Aggressive.
  •  Easy-to-understand recommendations tell you exactly what to adjust.
  •  Works with most air-sprung suspension forks and rear shocks, from many different manufacturers.
  •  Works on hardtail and dual suspension bikes.
  •  Use it for every ride to unite bike, rider and terrain in changing conditions.
  •  No smartphone needed when you ride: ShockWiz stores the data for transfer later.
  • ShockWiz Direct Mount is a suspension tuning system for inverted forks, like the RockShox RS-1.
  • We'll give you instructions on how to use the system to improve your ride quality.

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