Fabric Cageless Water Bottle



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Our revolutionary cageless water bottle completely does away with the need for a cage by mounting directly to your frame. The ultralight-weight 1.5g studs are secure, remove unnecessary parts and improve the clean lines of your bike. Available in both 600ml & 750ml in a range of colours.

Ultra lightweight bottle & mount system

Our cageless water bottle slots on to lightweight mounts (1.5g each) that are secured to standard water bottle bosses. The bottle is held securely to the mounts, yet removed easily when needed.

Inexpensive all in 1 solution

Featuring a high quality BPA free bottle and 2 sets of mounts for use on multiple bikes, the Fabric Waterbottle provides a complete solution for the price of a standard bottle.

No more ugly cage

Rarely does a cage improve the aesthetic of a bike. When the Fabric Waterbottle is removed the clean lines of the bike are restored.



  • Ultra lightweight bottle & mount system 
  • Inexpensive all in 1 solution 
  • Easy to use, intuitive action 
  • No ugly cage
  • Comes complete with two direct mounting studs.
  • BPA Free
  • 600ml - 74mm x 205mm
  • 750ml - 74mm x 248mm

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