VeloClub Icetoolz Mini Floor Pump




Icetoolz Veloclub Mini Floor tyre pump

Ideal travel pump that easily fits inside bike bags. Also includes a pressure gauge and long hose with a valve locking mechanism. The pump has a long alloy plunger to get more air into the tyre faster. Also supplied with bike mounting bracket.

  • Alloy barrel - 140psi / 9.6 bar with Presta / Schrader / Dunlop head
  • Contains a pressure gauge with 320mm long high pressure hose
  • Pump has an extendable steel foot hold
  • Pressure gauge with marker to indicate the correct tyre pressure
  • Two tone handle
  • Supplied with fittings to bike frame
  • Pump is 343mm long
  • Pump weight 260gms

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