Muc-Off Bike Protect – the name says it all

I often get asked if my bike is new!

You may then wonder if I ever really get my bike dirty? I can assure you I most certainly do, and I love getting out amongst the dirt and the challenge that it brings.

Getting your bike wet and dirty is one thing but looking after your much-loved machine means it will look after you.

I have been a lover of the awesome bright pink Muc-Off Nano Wash, all purpose cleaner, since I began mountain biking. From there I started to explore the extensive range other products in the Muc-Off line up.

I was blown away with the beautiful finish you get by applying Bike Protect.  And the smell is amazing!

Muc-Off Bike Protect comes in a very understated black aerosol can, but make no mistake this stuff is the business when it comes to keeping your ride's paint looking like new.

While there is a similar product for matte coloured bikes you can use on glossy paint or it'll give a satin finish on your matte bike.

For application, first clean your bike with Muc-Off Nano Wash and give it a quick wipe over with a dry cloth.

Now don’t get all carried away and empty the spray can on it like you are dowsing a wasp nest. You need to keep this special stuff away from your brake rotors in particular and drivetrain (we have other awesome products for those jobs) so use it somewhat sparingly.

Personally I find the best way to apply is by spraying small amounts onto a cloth and then wiping over the bike, leaving out anything you don’t want to be slippery (such as grips).

After an all over application give it a quick buff to remove any excess – the whole application will take about two minutes.

Now you have a surface that will bead water, expel dirt and look amazing. It also goes a long way towards reducing scuffs and scrapes on the paint from general riding.

The next time you are hosing off your bike your mates will be so impressed with how quickly you can leave the wash station, plus it keeps your bike looking oh so fresh, helping maintain resale value.

I also highly recommend checking out Muc-Off Silicone Shine for your forks, shock, dropper, suspension pivots and more.

Bike Protect comes either on its own for $22.95 or can be purchased in dollar saving packs with other Muc-Off products.