Fat and sticky! How to get a grip.

Oury Handlebar Grips

 The Oury 32mm diameter handlebar grips are my new go to!

If you'd asked me about mountain bike handlebar grips a year ago I wouldn't hesitate to say Ergon GD1 was the obvious choice with Lizard Skin Peaty's and Deity Knuckledusters coming in closely behind.

When I first saw the Oury grips a few years ago they looked chunky and uncomfortable with big rubber blocks. I was way too quick to dismiss them.

I hadn't thought of them for while but being out of stock of my favorites when setting up my new bike I figured I might as well try them out.

Nearly a year later I'm totally sold and have run them on four different bikes.


The big chunky blocks I'd previously not liked the look of within a few rides get nice and tacky without getting grubby, offering a heap of grip for even the gnarliest mountain biker.

They are slightly squishy and flex under load, which when mixed with the large 32mm diameter give a heap less vibration and strain on your hands and arms.

The big 32mm diameter is probably not quite as good for smaller mittens but if you've got larger hands or bear paws these are the go.

If you want more grip or more comfort you'd be hard pressed to find a better option within this price range.

Plus being made by Lizard Skin you know you're buying quality.

Available in dual lock on (200g/pair) for hard hitters in mucky conditions or the new lighter V2 single lock on (127g/pair) that holds on snuggly and gives the same 127mm grip length.

Both options pricing up at $59.95

Black only in dual lock and black, orange and blue in the V2 single lock.


For the BMX crew or budget conscious there is also a non locking version which comes in at $24.75

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